Pay Day Jackpot at Empire Bingo

Empire BingoThere’s an exciting game of bingo coming up on Empire Bingo on the last day of the month. Join the Pay Day Jackpot promo and chase away any end of the month blues that you may be experiencing. This online bingo site will be running a £1000 jackpot game. It’s an exciting opportunity for you to reach out and grab a share of the cash prizes.

The Pay Day Jackpot promo will be run on Saturday, February 28th. So, if you haven’t finalized Saturday evening plans yet, you will only be too glad you didn’t.

This promo will have more than the usual number of prizes waiting to be bagged. More prizes also means more winners and more happy people in the room. When you make a quick pit stop at Empire Bingo that evening, you will be getting your dose of fun and frolic too. So, come along and take advantage of this opportunity.

To participate, all you simply need to do is to buy your tickets and head out to the assigned room in time for the game. As always, it’s a good idea to advance buy the tickets. This way you won’t miss out on the game or even have to rush and queue up at the last minute.

Wager on the bingo game just as you typically do. The winner of 1 line will receive £100, 2 lines £200 and full house £400. Over and above these prizes, there will be cash prizes for 1TG, 2TG and 3TG winners. £100 will be split equally between all 1TG winners, £100 between 2TG winners and £100 between 3TG winners.

There’s always a lot to be won on this UK bingo games site. Read our review of Empire Bingo for more information on the cool promos on offer here.

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