£6,000 Free at Funtastic Bingo

Funtastic BingoFuntastic Bingo is running a fabulous promo that is hard to beat. There are free bingo games being played for several hours everyday day. The cash prizes being given away add to the lure this promo holds. You don’t need to buy any tickets for the games. All you need to do is to free up some time and try your luck. There is no reason to not take part.

This online bingo site knows which promos will be fruitful and rewarding for you. As such, you are guaranteed to have a ton of fun when you choose to play at Funtastic Bingo.

The £6,000 Free 4-All promo is being run every day. This promo is open to both the fun players and the funded players of the site. The games for the two type of players are being run in different rooms with different cash prizes being given away.

Let’s go over the details of the promo. If you are a fun player, all you need to do is to find your way to the Free for All room anytime between 7am to 7pm. There is a new game being run every 8 minutes. Each of these games carry a guaranteed jackpot prize of £1. A total amount of £90 is given away by way of prizes every day.

And, if you are a funded player, head straight out to the Free Bingo Funded room anytime from 4pm to 7pm. There is a new game being run every 15 minutes. With a guaranteed jackpot prize of £10 being given away in each game, a total amount of £130 is up for grabs every day.

So, hurry, don’t wait too long to join this promo. Read our review of Funtastic Bingo to acquaint yourself with information on games and promotions running here.


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