Granny’s Garden at Butterfly Bingo

Butterfly BingoCome and get hold of your share of the juicy jackpot prize that Butterfly Bingo has lined up for you. Guaranteed cash prizes worth £400 are being given away every month. All you need to do is log onto this online bingo site and look out for the date when the game will be played.

If you fancy winning a big wad of cash, then Butterfly Bingo is where you would want to be heading. Make the most of this opportunity to walk away with a cash prize and go on the shopping trip or holiday that you have been putting off for a while.

The Granny’s Bingo Garden promo is being run every month. Let’s find out what you need to do to take part in this promo. Since this promo is only open to the new and old funded players of the site, be sure to sign up if you would like to take part in the promo.

You need to earn free tickets to the Granny’s £400 Jackpot game. For this, you need to help granny grow flowers in her garden by following a few simple steps. First, log onto the site and play any bingo game, instant win game, or spin the Butterfly Wheel to plant seedlings in granny’s garden. Then, log in the next afternoon and water the seedlings to make them grow into flowers.

For every flower that you are able to grow, you will earn 1 free ticket to the Granny’s £400 Jackpot game. If you fill the flowerbed, you will get an extra bonus ticket.

Hurry, start growing flowers in granny’s garden now. This is one opportunity that you wouldn’t want to pass up just like that.

For detailed info on fun games and promos being run here, browse through our Butterfly Bingo review.

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