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Sola BingoSola Bingo is brimming with fantastic promos. If you are a social media enthusiast and a lover of bingo games all rolled into one, these promos will win your heart. This online bingo site does come up with innovative ways of pampering its players and keeping them hooked.

If you love Sola Bingo, these promos are proof that they love you right back. So, come along and join in the fun. This is just one more reason you should be glad that you are a registered player on this site.

Let’s quickly find out what you need to do to take part in the Facebook With us and Tweet With us promos.

Take advantage of the Facebook With us promo to win 100 free bingo tickets. To participate in this promo, you need to first go to the LBN Facebook page. Log onto your Facebook account and then click the Thumbs Up button to Like the page. Then, submit your Facebook ID and bingo account details to Live Help. Alternately, you can send these details to

You will receive the 100 free bingo tickets within 24 to 48 hours.

To bag another 100 bingo cards absolutely free, get onto Twitter to take part in the Tweet With us promo. All you simply need to do is to access the LBN Twitter page, sign in to your Twitter account andclick the Follow button to follow tweets.

Next, submit your Twitter ID and bingo account details to Live Help. Youcanalternately write to to leave this information. Your account will be credited with 100 free bingo cards within 24 to 48 hours.

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