Beat the Blues at Bright Bingo

Bright BingoGet ready for some crackling action at Bright Bingo. You may be done with Christmas and New Year celebrations but the fun doesn’t have to stop. This online bingo site is running a fantastic £15,000+ Beat the Blues tournament with an aim to keep those smiles in place. So, get ready to have a ton of fun and grab some more prizes at Bright Bingo.

The Beat the Blues promo is being run from Thursday, January 1st until Tuesday, February 3rd.

Through the course £15,000 Beat the Blues tournament, you need to collect Smiles. You can collect 1 Smile by purchasing a minimum of 10 cards for a few, specified games. These games include the 3 of a Kind 75 that plays at 1pm, Double Ticks at 6pm, 7 at 7 at 7pm, Gold Rush at 9 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays and 5p Money Tree at 10pm.

When you qualify for the semi-final of Top of the Xmas Tree, you will earn 2 Smiles. Making a deposit can get you 2 Smiles every week.

When you have collected at least 50 Smiles from Monday to Sunday, you will get free entry to the £150 Golden Smile game the following Monday.

The top 200 players to have collected the most Smiles on the Beat the Blues Board will get entry to the £1000 Beat the Blues Final game being played at 8pm, February 3rd. In this game, the winner at the 1st position will get £500, 2nd £250, 3rd £150 and 4th £100. Winners at positions 5 to 10 will get bonus funds.

Players wagering on the casino games will get 1 entry to the £500 Prize Draw for every £10 they wager. The winner will be announced on February 3rd.

For detailed info on promos being run here, read our Bright Bingo review.

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