New Year cheer with Bingo Hollywood

Bingo HollywoodBingo Hollywood has a great way for you to bring in the New Year. It’s party time with your favourite chat hosts and fellow bingo pals.

This virtual drinking game plays on the 31st December from 6pm to 8pm in the Superstars Room. It’s a game of 90 ball bingo and depending on your player name you’ll be placed in a team. The teams are as follows; A-D is the Whiskey Team with numbers from 01-12, E-H is the Gin Team with numbers 13-25, I-L is the Champagne Team with numbers 26-38.

M-P is the Rum Punch Team with numbers 39-51, Q-S is the Mulled Wine Team with numbers 52-64, T-V is the Martini Team with numbers 65-77, and finally W-Z is Orange Juice Team for the designated drivers with numbers 78-90.

At the end of each Full House that’s called, the winning bingo number called on determines the winning team. Every player on that team wins 1000sps. At the end of the playing time, all the players on the team that won the most will win an additional cash £5 bonus.

Your chat hosts can also join in the fun and be part of a team. They won’t win any sps but their wins will be counted for their team and their winnings will be credited to all the other players in the team.

You can also deposit £10 or more on the 31st December between 6pm and 11.59pm by using the code HAPPY and get a 131% Bonus. This code can be used up to ten times, making it a huge bonus amount just waiting to be snapped up.

So sign up to play this fun game. You’ll get a game of free bingo to start off with plus a £30 sign up bonus as well.

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