Jackpot Drop at Dotty Bingo

Dotty BingoDotty Bingo is running a fabulous promo every Thursday night. There’s a juicy jackpot prize of up to £1,000 waiting to be won. It’s the perfect time to win a pile of cash and spend it over the weekend.

Come along and make it a time of big wins at Dotty Bingo. These games are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seats and make for a lot of happy memories. Since this promo is being run every Thursday, you don’t even need to worry about missed chances.

Let’s quickly go over what you need to do to take part in the Jackpot Drop promo. First, log onto this online bingo site and buy tickets for the game. After you’ve procured tickets, all you simply need to do is to head out to the Broadway room for the two hour Jackpot Drop games. These games play every Thursday night from 7pm to 9pm.

For the £1,000 jackpot game, you need to announce full house in a maximum of 42 balls. If none of the players are able to bingo in 42 balls, then for the 2nd game, the jackpot will drop to £900 and the available ball count to bingo will be increased. This will make it easier for you win the jackpot.

Until one of the players is able to bingo within the required ball count, the jackpot amount will keep dropping and the ball count increasing until it reaches 90 balls. The winner will get to walk away with the reduced jackpot prize.

This bingo offer is open only to the registered players of the site. If you’re new to this community, register now to have fun wagering on the cool games that are on offer.

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