Jackpot Games at Clover Bingo

Clover BingoClover Bingo is brimming with irresistible bingo offers. If you like converting small money into big wins, then the jackpot offers at this online bingo site will win you over.

You can choose from any of the five guaranteed jackpot games being played – he daily game, 3 weekly games and the big monthly game. There’s a lot to win at Clover Bingo.

The Rise and Shine games are being played every week at 10am. The cost of a ticket for these games is 2p. The winner of 1 line will receive £30, 2 lines £45 and full house £75.

Get your daily dose of fun at the Daily Doshgamesthat play at 7pm. The cost of each ticket is 10p, with the winner of 1 linegetting £5, 2 lines £7.50 and full house £12.5.

For the middle of the week entertainment, join the Tuesday Treats games that play at 8pm. While the cost of a ticket is only 50p, the £100 jackpot is divided amongst the winners such that the winner of 1 line gets £20, 2 lines £30 and full house £50.

You could also buy 50p tickets to join the Friday Fever games that play at 8pm. Here, the winner of 1 lineis given £25, 2 lines £50 and full house £75.

Take advantage of the monthly Pay Day games that play at 8pm on the last date of every month. With a 50p ticket, you stand to win £200 for 1 line, £300 for 2 lines and £500 for full house.

The best bit yet about these games is that you can prebuy your tickets, which will get played out on your behalf, if you are unable to join the game.

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