Cheeky Chicks at Bright Bingo

Bright Bingo is crammed with fabulous bingo promos that will be available right through this month. The games are being played on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights at 11pm. When it comes down to entertainment value, this online bingo site does pack in a ton of fun along with great prizes to bag.

So, don’t miss this chance to enliven your evenings at Bright Bingo. It’s just the right fix for bingo lovers who would like to end the day on a happy note playing the games they enjoy.

The Cheeky Chicks promo will be running until Friday, October 31st. To be eligible for this promo, you need to have deposited a minimum of £5 in the last 14 days.

Let’s now go over the other details of the promo. In rounds 1 and 2 of the game, you need to click on the Balls tab and select a row for your game. A row can be selected by a maximum of 3 players. After selecting the row, type’Cheeky Chicks Row number’ in the chat room. Then, wait for the balls in your chosen row to be called out.

After all the balls in your row have been called out, type ‘Cheeky Chicks Row number’ in the chat room. The 1stplayer to announce that particular row will get 3 points for the round, 2ndplayer 2 points and 3rdplayer 1 point.

The top 3 players, who have earned the maximum points, will each receive bonus cash. The winner at position 1 will receive £15 bonus, position 2 £10 bonus and position 3 £5 bonus.

In case of more than one winner, the bonus cash will be split equally between the winners.

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