Birthday Blowout at Tidy Bingo

Tidy BingoTidy Bingo will be celebrating their first birthday on Tuesday, August 19th. In the special games that will play for 4 hours, there will be a lot of cool giveaways to bag on this online bingo site. Give yourself the best chance of winning at Tidy Bingo.

From 7pm – 8pm, the chat game, The Tidy and The Troops will be run. It carries a guaranteed jackpot prize of £50 and 1,000 loyalty points.

To win 1,000 loyalty points, you can also join the chat game, Pin The Tail On The Donkey game from 7pm to 8pm. You will need to choose two numbers, one which will represent the donkey and the other its tail. When both your numbers are called, type “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” to win points.

Take advantage of the cool tournament, Pass The Parcel that will play from 8pm to 9pm and from 10pm to 11pm. In this game, all players in the room will be given a number set at the start of the tournament. Each number set will have 2 to 7 numbers. Based on the number on which full house is announced, the parcel will be handed over to the player who has that number. This player will get to remove a layer from the parcel. Each layer will reveal a different prize.

The Happy Birthday Tidy Bingo game will play from 9pm to 10pm. In this game, when the numbers 21, 8 and 13 have been called, quickly type ‘Happy Birthday Tidy’ in chat to win 1,000 points.

Don’t miss the £150 Guaranteed Jackpot game that will play at 10pm. The cost of each ticket is only 25p. The winner of 1 line will get £25, 2 lines £50 and full house £75.

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