Monthly £1,000 at Dotty Bingo

Dotty BingoExperience the joy and excitement of a guaranteed jackpot game at Dotty Bingo this Sunday. In just one game, they will be giving away £1,000 in prizes. If you are a lover of bingo games and even if you aren’t, this promo is guaranteed to make you fall in love with this online bingo site.

There’s little else that spells awesome quite like the way this bingo offer does. There can’t be a better way for Dotty Bingo to reward its players and for you to wrap up the weekend on a high note.

So, come along and stake your claim on the generous cash prizes that will be up for grabs. Make good use of this opportunity. It will be worth all the time you invest.

The Monthly £1,000 promotion will be run on Sunday, May 31st. Let’s quickly examine the finer details of this promo. To take part, all you simply need to do is to buy tickets for the game and then head straight out to the Friendship and Harmony room in time for the game. The game will play at 10pm, UK time.

Each ticket for the game is priced at 50p. As always, it’s a good idea to pre purchase the tickets so you’re neither rushing at the last minute nor risking missing out on a big game. To buy tickets beforehand, enter one of the specified bingo rooms and access the Special Games tab.

You need to be a registered and funded member of the site to participate in this promo. Sign up now if you aren’t already a member and take advantage of the many other equally exciting games and promos being run on this UK bingo games site.

For more info on the bingo offers available, browse through our Dotty Bingo review here.

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