Summer Lovin at Bingo Hollywood

Bingo HollywoodIt’s summer and Bingo Hollywood is running a sizzling new promotion to have you enjoy this season as much as you have enjoyed the others. The Summer Lovin promo has been running since Sunday, June 1st and it will be available until Monday, June 30th.

You can now win from an assortment of gifts meant for gardening, BBQ, fun for the kiddies, novelty fashion, SPs and much more on this online bingo site. At Bingo Hollywood, they know how to ensure that you have a ton of fun while you play your favourite games and also bag a few big wins in the bargain.

Don’t wait too long to join in the fun. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these summer treats.

Let’s quickly comb through the details of this promo. What you first need to do is to buy tickets for the games and then head straight out to the Red Carpet room. Wager on the games just as you usually do.

At 45 minutes past the hour, a Sandcastle pattern will be played. You need to bingo on this pattern.

If you are able to bingo on the pattern, you will get to pick up a sandcastle from the collection of 500 sandcastles that are available. The chat host will hold these out for you. You need to specify the number you want. The gift you will receive will be based on the sandcastle number specified by you.

If you are a new player signing up at Bingo Hollywood now, then you will get to take advantage of their 300% first deposit bonus. This way, you will be getting a chance to explore many more bingo games.

You can keep yourself updated with info on the cool games and promos running on this site by browsing through our review of Bingo Hollywood.

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