Carnival at United Colours of Bingo

United Colours of BingoWith its super cool Bingo Carnival, United Colours of Bingo is all set to infuse happiness and joy into your life in generous doses. Hold your breath! This online bingo site is giving away prizes worth £16,000 in free games and jackpot games. Don’t pass up this chance to have a ton of fun here and claim your share of the tempting prizes.

It will be a time to make memories at United Colours of Bingo.

Starting Friday, May 1st, the Bingo Carnival promo will be running until Sunday, May 31st. Let’s find out what you need to do to join in the fun.

Come along and take advantage of the daily, free rides, Gold, Silver and Bronze, as part of the Community Bingo promo. You need to score more than £5,500 in the games.

The Bronze games are open to all. To be eligible for the Silver games, you need to have deposited in the last 90 days and for the Gold games, 30 days. In all these games, as you play, the number of free games will go up and the size of the prize pot will go down.

Join the daily, weekly and monthly Super Jackpot games to claim your share of the prizes worth £10,500. The daily jackpot games play at 10 pm and the weekly jackpot games at 9pm on Tuesdays. The monthly game will be played on May 31st at 11pm. The tickets for these games range from £0.15 to £0.25.

To win a share of the £250 bonus cash, join the Grande Finale game that will play after the Monthly Jackpot game in the Community Bingo room.

So, hurry wait no more to join in the fun here.Read our review of United Colours of Bingo to get a complete low-down on promos running here.

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