Big 10K at Bingo Diamond

Bingo DiamondBingo Diamond has a big bingo night coming up a little later in the month. The Big 10K promo that will be run at night on Saturday, June 28th. If you fancy a chunky win, free up some time to join this promo. By the looks of it, this online bingo site will be everybody’s favourite hangout place that evening.

This big game being played at Bingo Diamond carries jaw dropping, guaranteed prizes adding up to £10,000. To be in with a chance of winning your share, buy your cards now and secure your participation.

Set up reminders and alerts for you will not want to pass up this perfect opportunity to win big and carry home your share of the loot.

Let’s quickly browse through the other details of this promo. What you first need to do is to buy tickets for the game that will play on Saturday, June 28th, at 10pm. The cost of each ticket is only £1. You need to buy a minimum of 2 tickets.

There’s a bonus offer available on the purchase of tickets. If you buy 6 tickets, you will receive another 6 free. As always, it is a good idea to get your tickets beforehand. This way, you won’t be rushing at the last minute or risking missing out on the game altogether.

The prize money will be split amongst the winners of 1 line, 2 lines, full house and the consolation prize. The winner of 1 line will receive 20% of the funds, 2 lines 25%, full house 45% and consolation prize 10%.

You will find that bingo promotions at Bingo Diamond are fun, interesting and rewarding, all at the same time. You can read through our review of Bingo Diamond to get detailed info on games and promos available here.

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