May-Hem Jackpots at Biscuit Bingo

Biscuit BingoRush to join the May-Hem Jackpots promo at Biscuit Bingo if you would like to get your hands on some fabulous prizes in real funds. Through the course of the promotion period, a whopping amount of £11,250 is being given away by way of guaranteed jackpot prizes.

If you have always dreamt of reaping windfall gains, don’t miss this chance being brought to you by Biscuit Bingo.

The May-Hem Jackpots promo will be available right through this month. There are daily and weekly jackpot games being run. These games will conclude with a mega jackpot game that will play at the end of the month.

A 75 ball daily jackpot game is being run at 11pm. The cost of a ticket for this game is as little as 50p. Every day, 5 winners get to carry back a cash prize of £50.

The 80 ball weekly jackpot game is being run on every Monday at 9pm. The cost of each ticket for this game is £1. The jackpot prize adding up to £500 is being split equally amongst 4 winners so they each get £125.

The 90 ball bumper jackpot game will be played on May 31st at 10pm.The cost of a ticket for this game is priced at £2. In this game, 3 lucky winners will each receive £500.

The good news is that you can easily win free tickets to these games. All you need to do is to deposit a minimum of £10. With every such deposit, you will receive 10 free tickets for the daily jackpot game, 5 for the weekly jackpot game and 2 for the bumper jackpot game.

There are a lot of exciting bingo offers to choose from on Biscuit Bingo. To get detailed info, you can browse through our review of Biscuit Bingo.

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