Easter Egg Fest at Landmark Bingo

Landmark BingoLandmark Bingo has been running a delicious promo this month. If you are looking to get fitter for your trips to the beach, then this healthier option may just be the treat that you are looking for.

You may not be opening any chocolate Easter eggs at Landmark Bingo, but you will definitely be collecting them for more rewarding alternatives. So, get those Easter baskets out and prep yourself up for the activity.

The Easter Egg Fest promo will be available this entire month, from Tuesday, April 1st until Wednesday, April 30th. To participate in this promo, you need to collect eggs in the weekend Easter egg hunt.

It’s really easy peasy. To earn one egg, you need to deposit a minimum of £10 during the qualifying weekends this month. The more deposits you make, the more eggs you will be able to collect.

Depending upon the number of eggs you are able to collect, you can exchange them for specific prizes. The eggs can be exchanged for real funds, extra deposit bonus, free BBs or gift vouchers.

For instance, you can exchange 1 egg for 2 BBS, 5 eggs for 25 BBs or £10 cash, 10 eggs for 50 BBs or £25 cash and 20 eggs for 75 BBs and £35 cash.

30 eggs can be exchanged for 100 BBs or £50 cash, 40 eggs for 200 BBs or £100 cash and 50 eggs for 300 BBs or £150 cash. Players with 30 or more eggs can also opt for gift vouchers in addition to BBs and cash prizes.

If you are looking for great entertainment and big wins, Landmark Bingo is amongst the popular online bingo sites. To remain updated with info on the promos running here, read through the Landmark Bingo review.

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