£2 Mill Thrill at Tasty Bingo

Tasty BingoCelebrate each and every Saturday night of the year at Tasty Bingo and grab your share of the massive cash prize that they have up for grabs. If you haven’t firmed up your Saturday night plans yet, then you may want to rethink after you hear more about this promo. You could win anything from £500 to £2,000,000.

Make the most of this more-than-generous bingo offer at Tasty Bingo. Rake in a big win and start your weekend with a bang.

The £2 Mill Thrill promo is being run every Saturday night on an ongoing basis. This also means you don’t really need to set up any reminders. All you need to do is the join in when you can. Come along now and let’s take a look at the other details of this promo.

To take part, what you first need to do is to buy cards for the game. Each cards is priced at £1.You can buy a maximum of 36 cards for a game.

After you have bought the cards, head straight out to the Bingo Jackpots tab every Saturday night at 9pm. What you need to do is to call bingo in as few calls as you can.

The less calls you take to announce full house, the more money you will be able to carry back home. When you are able to call full house in 40 – 54 calls, you stand to win anything between £2,000,000 and £500. The prize will be credited to your account immediately.

You need to be a funded player to participate in this promo. Signing up at Tasty Bingo takes only a few seconds and you will get 200% bonus on your first deposit.

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