The Red Carpet at Gossip Bingo

Gossip BingoIf you fancy being treated like a celebrity, then this glitzy promo at Gossip Bingo is tailor-made for you. Get ready to be swept off your feet and pampered in style. Enjoy the indulgence while you relax and play your favourite games. The red carpet is being rolled out to welcome you at Gossip Bingo.

This will possibly be the biggest guaranteed jackpot game of the year. There’s a lavish amount of £10,000 being given away by way of prizes. So, mark your calendar, free up some time and prepare yourself for the ride. It’s not very often that one gets a chance to be treated like a celebrity. We know that this is one opportunity you will not want to pass up.

The Red Carpet promo will be running on Saturday, April 5th. Let’s find out what you need to do stake your claim on your share of the prizes. All you simply need to do is to buy your tickets for the games and head straight out to the designated room on April 5th just in time for the games. The bingo games will play at 9pm.

Wager on the games as you usually do. Wind down your night, play bingo to your heart’s content and have a ton of fun while you are it.

As always, it will be a good idea to get your tickets in advance and secure your participation. This way, you won’t be hurrying at the last minute or risking missing out on the games altogether.

It’s no surprise that Gossip Bingo so easily makes it to the list of the most popular online bingo sites. To get detailed info on the games and promos running on this site, you can check our Gossip Bingo review here, at any time.

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