Around The World at Bingocams

BingocamsBingocams is running a special promo these days. If you are a traveller at heart, then the Around the World promo will hold a lot of lure for you. Get your travel bags out, hop onto the ride and take this trip around the bingo world in 80 days at Bingocams.

Starting February 28th, the Around the World promo will be running until Sunday, May 18th. There’s a generous amount of £80,000 being given away by way of extra free jackpots, cash prizes and holiday vouchers.

Here’s what you will need to do. Buy tickets for the games and head out to the daily promotional rooms. Check the room logo to find the Around the World miles symbol. Wager on the games as you normally do.

On this journey, you need to collect bingo miles to qualify for the weekly and final bingo games. When you win a full house in a promotional room, you will get 1 or 2 miles. Also, if you deposit more than £50 in a week, you will earn 2 miles.

In the weekly games being played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10pm, £1200 will be given away in the form of cash prizes and holiday vouchers.

On Friday, a player with at least one bingo mile will receive a £200 telescope. A £400 compass will be given on Saturday to a player with at least 5 bingo miles. On Sunday, a £600 Globe will be given to a player with at least 10 bingo miles.

In the final game, cash prizes worth £14,800 will be given away to players with 20 to 50 bingo miles. The game will play at 7pm on Sunday, 18th May. Additionally, the top 5 bingo mile collectors will get a share of £2000.

There are several opportunities to win big on Bingocams. To get detailed info, check our Bingocams review here.

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