Bingo Hollywood Awards at Bingo Hollywood

Bingo HollywoodThis January, Bingo Hollywood invites you to be part of the revelry as it celebrates Bingo Awards 2014 with a glitzy promo. Packed with exceptional games and sparkling wins, this promo is sure to keep you enthralled right through this month.

The red carpet has been rolled out and the party has begun at Bingo Hollywood. If you haven’t yet made it to the venue, rush now. It’s an indulgence you will cherish for some time to come.

The Bingo Awards Hollywood promo has been running since Wednesday, January 1st and it will be available until Friday, January 31st.

To participate, you simply need to buy tickets and join the games being played in the Red Carpet room every day. You need to bingo on the Special Trophy pattern at 45 past the hour.

Each time you bingo on this pattern, you will receive 5 votes. Additionally, you can earn these votes by answering award questions that are posted randomly on the Facebook page.

At the end of the promotional period, all votes earned by players will be placed in a hat. The names of 10 winners will be drawn.

The winner at spot 1 will receive the £200 as the Bingo Hollywood Star of the Year Award. The winner at place 2 will receive £100 as the Bingo Hollywood NTA Award. The Bingo Hollywood Golden Globe Award of £75 will be given away to the winner at position 3.

The winner at position 4 will receive the Bingo Hollywood Grammy Award amounting to £50. The Bingo Hollywood Sag Awards of £25 will be given to the winners at spot 5-10.

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