UK 75 £15,000 Night at Gala Bingo

Gala BingoGala Bingo brings you a fantastic promo to brighten up your Friday evening and have you smoothly slip into the weekend mood. It’ll be 6 hours of some of your favourite games with prizes to the tune of £15,000 waiting to be bagged. Make the most of this generous offer at Gala Bingo.

The best part yet is that there will be a range of games to choose from and a host of lavish prizes waiting to be won. So, don’t wait too long to join the fun and start the first weekend of the New Year on a joyous note. We know you won’t be disappointed.

The UK 75-£15,000 Night promo will be available on Friday, January 3rd. To participate in this promo, all you need to do is buy tickets for the games and find your way to the any of the 75-Ball rooms. The games will start at 6pm and will be played until midnight. After you’ve bought the tickets, simply wager on the games as you usually do.

There will be a new game starting every 5 minutes. This essentially means that whatever time you walk in, you will be just in time for a new game. The good thing is you won’t really need to wait too long. Each of these games will carry a prize pool worth £350.

The highlight of the promo will be the BingoLinx 75 game. This game will be played at 9:30pm and will carry as prize pool amounting to £1,000. Some of the other games that will hold great appeal for bingo lovers include 1TG, Last Chance Saloon and BOGOF.

There is always a lot to be won at Gala Bingo. To keep yourself updated on the games and offers running on this site, you can check our Gala Bingo review here anytime.

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