Posh Bingo Begins New Year with Happy £2014

Posh BingoPosh Bingo will be bringing in the New Year with a grand and stylish party. For three lucky players winning cash prizes on the very first day will begin the year 2014 with a bang.

The Happy £2014 game which will be playing on Wednesday 1st January at 9.30pm under the Specials tab at this site will blow away the January blues with its £2014 guaranteed jackpot.

With pre-buy cards for this 90-ball bingo game costing 30p each you can pick up just 1 card or maximize your chances at winning with 96 cards. Covering 1 line will fetch £414 while 2 lines are worth £600 and the Full House winner will be walking away with £1000.

These cool cash prizes from Posh Bingo can even sponsor a holiday for recovering from the festive season in the New Year. On the other hand, the cash injection will be a huge help for paying bills if you’ve maxed your credit cards during the shopping spree.

Before the year ends though, there are three fabulous Christmassy games to be played under the Specials tab and a feast of prizes worth £6000 to be won.

If you’ve missed out on winning the Xmas Gifts Prize on Saturday 30th November and 7th December then there’s one last chance coming up on Saturday 14th December at 9pm. With pre-buy cards costing just 10p each grab a chance at winning a gizmo.

Celebrating Christmas Eve at this bingo site will give three lucky players big cash prizes in the £2000 Xmas Turkey game which will be playing at 9.45pm on Tuesday 24th December with 25p cards.

Christmas Day at Posh Bingo comes with a yummy £1000 Xmas Pudding with cards costing merely 6p apiece on Wednesday 25th December. With these traditional themed games followed by the Happy £2014 game the New Year will sure be looking good for all the lucky winners.

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