Guaranteed Jackpot Bingo at Bingocams

BingocamsAs always, Bingocams is brimming with guaranteed jackpot offers this week. This promo will be running on 2 days, Friday, December 13th and Saturday, December 14th. The good thing about this promo is that even if you have made plans to go out on Friday or Saturday night, you can still participate in the merriment that will last about an hour.

Join in the fun games at Bingocams and set yourself up to win £100 in jackpot prizes. This will be in addition to the prizes that are usually given away.

To be eligible for the Guaranteed Jackpot Bingo promo, you need to have deposited £10 in the last 14 days. To join, what you simply need to do is to buy your cards for the games and find your way to the Lucky Devil 100 room on both Friday and Saturday evening at 6pm.

The cost of a card for the games is only 10p. You can advance buy these cards to save yourself the hassle of rushing at the last minute, having to queue up or risking the chance of missing out on the games.

There will be 6 rounds of bingo games being played on both the days. Wager on the games as you usually would. In addition to the 1 line, 2 lines and full house prizes, a cash prize of £100 will be given away as an extra free jackpot. Over and above this, a bouncing bonus of £5 will be given away in each round.

Aren’t these games just the perfect filler on a Friday or Saturday evening? Just like this one, there are always some cool games and promos running on the Bingocams site. For detailed information, you can check back each month and also browse through our Bingocams review here.

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