On Yer Bike at bgo Bingo

bgo Bingobgo Bingo is running a fantastic promo that will set your heartbeat racing and adrenaline pumping. Take part in the On Yer Bike promo to be part of this thrilling ride to the finishing line. This virtual race is going to be packed with adventure and fun moments that we know you will cherish for a long time to come.

It’s a great opportunity for all cycling enthusiasts to win some fantastic prizes while they experience the excitement of a race in a velodrome from the comfort of their homes.

Here’s how it’ll roll out. You need to be a funded player to be able to participate in this promo. You need to pedal your way to the Sports section at 9:30pm every night. Join the Virtual Cycling game and place a bet on who you think the winner of the race will be.

What you stand to win are some fantastic sports related prizes that you will like adding to your collection. The good thing is that if you don’t want the sports related prize, you can choose to receive the alternative cash prize of £10. In case of multiple winners, the prize will be split equally amongst the winners.

In addition to these prizes, you can also win an invite to the free 75 ball bingo games. If you place bets of £1 or more on the Virtual Cycling game before 3pm every day, you will get access to these free games. These games are played every night at 9.30pm in the Prize Bingo tab.

You can reap big benefits in addition to having a lot fun by participating in the fantastic promos that are run on the bgo Bingo site. To track the games and promos available here, you may want to browse through our bgo Bingo review.

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