Get Paid to Play at Stash Bingo

Stash BingoStash Bingo has launched an exciting new monthly bingo game where the winner will Get Paid to Play every day for an entire month! See £50 added to your account every day for a month if you win.

The Get Paid to Play jackpot game will be played on the 28th of every month. The player who hits the full house bingo first will get £50 added into their Stash Bingo account daily, for a full month. You literally get paid to play!

There’s another interesting facet to this promotion. You get your money for the weekend credited into your account in advance, on Friday! There will be a fat stash of cash waiting to be spent on the weekend specials and jackpots. Buy tickets in advance and then carry on with your other weekend plans. Tickets bought in advance play automatically so you’re not tied to your computer waiting for the big games to start.

Look out for the Get Paid to Play jackpot game at the end of every month and win a month’s supply of money to play bingo. With 50 quid added to your account every day you will have piles and piles of money to spend, guilt free!

The Get Paid to Play games are open to all funded members at Stash Bingo. Those members who have not funded their account yet, there’s good news – Stash Bingo gives you a robust 200% free cash match on your first deposit. Put in £10 and get an extra £20 absolutely free. In effect, you get to play with £30.

This bingo site is also packed to the gills with free bingo games with cash prizes. There’s £6,000 guaranteed up for grabs every month. Read more about the free bingo games in our Stash Bingo review here.

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