Speed Games with Bet365 Bingo

Bet365 BingoBlink and it’s over! Bet365 Bingo brings you a game that plays out so fast it literally takes your breath away.

Make your way to Bet365 Bingo’s Press Room on Saturday 9th November for a chance to win up to £70,000 in Speed Bingo games. From 12 noon onwards there are 24 games like Starter’s Orders and Winner’s Podium playing out every hour with an amazing £20,000 worth of prizes to win.

That’s a game every couple of minutes. And if that wasn’t enough, there is an additional £50,000 to win with the speedy Escalator Jackpot on any game in the Press Room. The first player to call Full House by a pre-determined ball count will take home exactly half the grand prize or £25,000. The rest will be equally divided between all members who have a ticket to the winning game.

The Speedy Escalator Jackpot runs from 12 noon to 3am the following morning. The game first begins with a Full House ball count of 29 balls or fewer at 12 noon. The count then goes up by one ball every hour until it reaches 34 balls or fewer by 5pm.

This fun jackpot game carries on with an increase of two balls in the count every hour until a Full House can finally be called at 54 balls or fewer at 3am. Tickets to these games start at 2p, and joining up is super easy. Plus when you do, there is £10 in Free Play and a 200% Bonus waiting for all new members.

Bet365 Bingo has a range of 75 and 90 ball bingo across ten different bingo rooms. And there’s also a whole host of casino, slots, and scratch cards games as well, not to mention all the hot promotional offers.

With features like weekly and monthly specials, free bingo, great jackpots and a fabulous loyalty program you’ll be glued to this website in no time. Read our review of Bet365 Bingo to know how and where to get your bingo kicks.

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