Community Night at Bet365 Bingo

Bet365 BingoBet 365 Bingo has a special evening planned in the Guilty Pleasures room for you this Sunday, September 15th. If you haven’t already made plans to go out that evening, we’ve caught you at the right time. It’s slated to be a magnificent night at Bet365 Bingo with some great prizes up for grabs.

The fun that evening will start at 17:00 hours, UK time and will go on till midnight. It will be an evening crammed with exciting games, running back-to-back. So, whatever time you join, you will be just in time for a new game. That’s how eventful the evening will be.

There will be a variety of games to choose from such as Penny Bingo, Last Chance Saloon and the ever-popular 1&2TGs. Some of the other well-liked games that will be available that evening are the Roll On games with three, five or even 10 extra prizes to win. You can wager on whichever Bingo game you enjoy the most.

The cost of tickets for these games ranges from 1p to 50p. You can pre-purchase tickets so you don’t waste any time Sunday evening and head straight out to the Guilty Pleasures room to play.

The advantage of pre-buying tickets is that even if you are not there in the room in time for the game, your tickets will get played and you will eligible for the prize should you win.

The total prize money for all the games that evening is going to be to the tune of £30,000. You can invite your friends to play with you and make it an evening to remember.

There are always some or the other such fun-filled promos running on Bet365 Bingo. If you need more info on the site, you can check the Bet365 Bingo review here at any time.

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