Special Jackpots at Dream Bingo

Dream BingoDreams come true this September for all members of Dream Bingo with their Mega Special Jackpots (SJP). These jackpots are guaranteed to make your month, so don’t miss this chance to make this a September of wins.

Dream Bingo makes sure you don’t worry about missed chances, as there’s something special happening every day. There’s a daily Mega SJP at 9pm in the Day Dreamer Room and another in the Sunset Strip Room at 10pm where you can win big money at any or all of four interesting games.

As soon as you join Dream Bingo, you’ll be welcomed with a Free Sign Up Bonus of £15 and a 300% First Deposit Bonus. In other words, fund yourself with £10 and play with £40. In other words, you’re being paid just to play.

First up is the Money Mountain. This jackpot climbs by £10 in each game as the balls increase by two. So your chances to win are doubled. The jackpot here crosses at least a £100 before it’s finally taken home by a lucky winner. Next is the Mega Ball Buster where every ball you Bingo on is doubled in value and you can take home up to £180.

The third dream game is Mega Wotsit Balls. The value of this jackpot fluctuates, falling and rising randomly. Your timing is crucial here, call it at the right moment and you can win big. If that doesn’t move you, then make a splash of colour with Mega Splatter Balls. Your winnings here depend on the colour of the ball you Bingo on. Yellow is the colour this winning season with a top prize of £100.

Join this community of happy people who have fun playing and winning at their superb selection of promos and games. To know more about this dreamland of online games read our review of Dream Bingo.

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