1k Risk-Free at Wink Bingo

Wink BingoWhen you see this fantabulous promo at Wink Bingo, you may want to rethink and not firm up those Friday evening plans just yet. When it comes to Wink Bingo promos, this has to be one of the top ones that we’ve heard about so far.

A game in which there are only winners and no losers and one that does not involve any risks – Sounds like a great game, doesn’t it?

It’s the Risk-Free £1k game at Wink Bingo that plays every Friday evening at 9:45 pm. It works the same way as all other Bingo games but with a difference. You buy your tickets and participate in the game as you usually do. Now, let’s see what makes it different.

The prize for the winner of 1 line is £200, 2 lines £300 and full house £500. The prizes will be credited to the accounts of the winners immediately after the game has been played. If there is more than one winner, the prize will be split equally between the winners.

However, if you don’t win anything, all the money you spent on tickets will be refunded to your account, in Bingo funds, the following Monday. Essentially, if you don’t win one of the prizes, you don’t lose anything either. This in itself is fantastic.

So, block your calendars every Friday evening, for the game at 9:45 pm. Pre-purchase your tickets to ensure your participation in the game. The cost of a ticket is only 10p and they are available under the Prebuys tab. This promo is being extended to funded players only.

If you haven’t heard of this site yet, check our Wink Bingo review out to find out more about other games and promotions running here. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

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