£20k Escalator Jackpot at Bet365 Bingo

Bet365 BingoBet365 Bingo has a huge jackpot ripe to be grabbed on Saturday 24th August and adding to the excitement the cash-rich escalator will be picking up speed. The Escalator Jackpot which has been unstoppable is now worth a cool £20,000 and must go down.

The jackpot can now be won on fewer calls so head for the Hot Shot Jackpot Room or Guilty Pleasures Room at 6pm this evening for your final shot at scooping up the big cash if it has been evading you during the current ride.

Play for this jackpot from 6pm until 3am starting off with a ball count of 31 balls or fewer. However, there’s a twist to winning the big prize at Bet365 Bingo which will in fact make everyone a winner.

While the jackpot winner will be walking away with the lion’s share of the cash, all players in the winning game will also be getting a piece of the prize.

As the jackpot goes into overdrive this Friday night, winning it on 31 calls or less will give you £10,000 which is half the prize, while the remaining £10,000 is shared by all players who purchase tickets into the winning game.

If this huge jackpot doesn’t drop during the first hour then the bingo site will be increasing the ball count every hour until 3am when it can be won in 49 balls or fewer, which gives you a very good chance at winning.

You can pre-buy your tickets into these games to be there when the Escalator Jackpot is brought down. Meanwhile, a single weekly deposit of £10 or more made between Thursday and Wednesday will fetch you a 50% reload bonus of up to £50, depending upon your VIP level, on the following Thursday.

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