Back to School with Smooch Bingo

Smooch BingoSmooch Bingo has a mega Back to School promotion running all through August with loads of bingo games where you can win cash prizes and free tickets to other jackpot games. There’s a £500 cash jackpot in each of these games and 1tg and 2tg players will win free tickets to the Grab a Grand monthly jackpot game here.

The Back to School games will play every Saturday evening at 8pm in the Back to School room. The player who hits the bingo first will win £500 guaranteed in real cash. All the 1tg and 2tg players will each get 10 free tickets into the next Grab a Grand jackpot game at Smooch Bingo.

Celebrate the start of the new school year with a bunch of special bingo games that offer you a juicy cash jackpot in each game. Treat yourself to a day at the spa or take the kids out for a day of fun or simply go shopping with your besties. With 500 extra bucks in your wallet, you can afford to!

You will need to have a funded account to play the Back to School games. There’s a 100% free cash match on your first deposit and you also get free bonus money if you add friends here. So sign up and sign in for some of the best bingo games you’ve ever seen.

Did you know you get three chances to win a whopping £1Million every week right here at Smooch Bingo? Well, now you know for sure! There are heaps of other equally exciting big jackpot bingo games that you can enjoy here. If you’re in the mood for something different you can check out the scratch cards, the slots and the casino games too.

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