Super Prize Bingo on Winner Bingo

Winner BingoSaturdays are all set to be lavishly winsome on Winner Bingo. They have launched the supremely rewarding Super Prize Bingo promotion that promises to make a huge winner out of everybody.

Games for this exclusive promotion will be hosted in the Winner Club room every Saturday at 8pm. Win the full house and get a prize depending on the last number called. Each number from 1 to 90 has a prize associated with it as listed in the table on the website.

Winner gets a £10 Bingo Bonus if the final number called is between 1 and 20.  If the last number is 21, the winner walks out in swanky designer shoes worth £400.

If the last number is between 22 and 29, the winner gets a £50 Cash Prize. Collect £10 Games Bonus if the last number called is between 30 and 44. Take home a fantastic 32″ Flat Screen TV worth £250 if the last number called is 45.

There are 5,000 Loyalty Points up for grabs if the final number is between 46 and 50. Complete the full house on the number 50 and win an iPad mini worth £380. If the last number is between 52 and 69, you get £10 in cash. Win with the last number being 70 and get a superb £100 in cash. Hit the full house with the last number between 71 and 90 and collect 50 free tickets.

Tickets for this promotion cost only 50p each. You can stack up your tickets in advance by pre-buying them. Tickets will be played automatically so you can put your feet up and relax as you don’t even have to be in the room when the game is being played.

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