Bingo Tag’s Zodiac Bingo for £1,111

Bingo TagBingo Tag has a special game for each month’s zodiac sign in which your stars can work very well for you and even line up a cash reward. Apart from the cash jackpot the £1,111 guaranteed bingo jackpot game also brings you free tickets into the next month’s game.

The monthly Zodiac Bingo promotion began in January and will be playing until December 2013 with the dates for each month’s game to be found on the zodiac wheel seen on the promotional page. The latest game in this promo will be coming up at 8pm on Monday 20th May so grab your seats now.

Pre-buy the maximum 96 tickets into this exciting monthly game and if your zodiac sign is Taurus then you get a birthday treat of 10 free bingo tickets into this month’s game.

The 5 line bingo game offers £61 for any 1 line completed first, with £100 to be won on 2 lines, £150 for 3 lines and covering 4 lines will fetch you £300 cash.

Cover the full house and you will be walking away with a fat prize of £500 cash plus 20 free tickets into the next month’s Zodiac Bingo game which will be playing on Thursday 20th June at 8pm. Then again, if you were born in June then apart from the prize of 20 tickets you could also be sitting on the extra 10 tickets for this game.

The bingo site offers all players their 10 free tickets into this monthly game by email and will credit these into your account three days before your game plays. Naturally, you will need to keep your account at Bingo Tag funded and active during the past month.

For more information on other special games and promotions offered at this online bingo site read our review of Bingo Tag here.

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