Butlers Bingo £2K Jackpot Game

Butlers BingoButlers Bingo brings this weekend and the month to a grand end with the Monthly £2000 guaranteed jackpot game. After the Monthly Megapot £1,500 and The Big £10K, the final big jackpot game of this weekend is the Monthly £2K jackpot. Buy tickets for £1 each and say goodbye to April with a thick wad of bingo prize money in your pocket!

This jackpot bingo game comes up only on the last Sunday evening of every month so if you miss it this Sunday, 28th April, you will have to wait a full month to try your luck. You can buy tickets in advance for this month end special game. The Monthly £2000 will play at 10pm on Sunday night.

Butlers Bingo has more than £13,000 in guaranteed prizes on offer in the last weekend of every month giving players the chance to make some moolah while they wait for the month to end and the pay cheques to come in!

Make sure you have a funded account at this jackpot packed bingo site so you can play all these big jackpot bingo games and take home tons of cash in prize money. Read our review of Butlers Bingo so you can find out everything about this lively online bingo site that has great offers and loads of fun bingo games.

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