Get Kindle Fires & Ice Watches from Bgo Bingo

bgo BingoPlay the Fire and Ice games at Bgo Bingo this week and you could win a Kindle Fire or a really cool Ice watch. Play both games and you might even win both if you’re really, really lucky! Pre buy tickets for the Fire and Ice bingo games today.

Bgo Bingo is making sure excitement levels are totally insane this week with the two Fire and Ice games scheduled for Friday. The Kindle Fire game plays at 8.30pm on 26th April. Tickets are 5p each and the player who hits the bingo first in this 75 ball bingo game will take home a hot new Kindle Fire.

Just 15 minutes later, at 8.45pm, you can play the Ice Watch game. Tickets are just 1p each! This one’s also a 75 ball game and you have to hit the bingo first to win the watch.

The best thing is you can buy tickets for both these games right now! No need to remember game dates or times, just buy your tickets now and let them play automatically. You won’t need to log in later when the game is played if you’ve got your tickets sorted earlier.

Read many more interesting facts about this exciting bingo site and check out their other cool offers in our Bgo Bingo review.

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