£4,000 jackpot for Mother’s Day at Iceland Bingo

Iceland Bingo has a massive jackpot game playing on Mother’s Day. Mums go to Iceland, of course, so how could their online bingo site not have a promotion for honouring our lovely mums on their special day?

This game plays on Sunday 10th March (Mothering Sunday) at 8pm, but you can prebuy your tickets into the game right away. The best thing about their prebuy option is you don’t actually have to be present in the game room at the time. If you win anything, your prize will automatically credited into your account.

However, you may want to hang out at Iceland Bingo during this game. There are other fun things to do while you wait for the game to play. There is a special Mother’s Day session of No Lose Bingo which could totally make your day!

Coming back to the jackpot game, there is a total prize pool of £4,000, with the biggest chunk of it going to the player to wins the Fullhouse prize of £2,000. This is a 5 line bingo game, so there are 4 more chances to win cash prizes. The 1 line winner will receive £200, 2 lines will receive £300, 3 lines will receive £500 and 4 lines will receive a brilliant £1,000!

Tickets for this game cost £10, which you may think is pretty steep. Iceland Bingo has devised ways to increase your chances for winning these prizes for free! Every time you deposit £20, you’ll receive 2 free tickets into the game and for every £50 deposit, you’ll receive a fabulous 6 tickets for free.

Hurry across to Iceland Bingo to participate in their Mother’s Day specials. You may also want to read our review of this site for details on other promotions.

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