Big Wins at Bingocams!

BingocamsThe Bingocams Big Bang Progressive Jackpot was finally won last week, but not before it had ballooned from its original £10,000 into a massive prize.

Lucky player ‘Chillers2’ really did strike it lucky when she carried away the jackpot of a huge £32,984. What’s even more impressive is that she called in just 41 numbers to win the prize.

It was in the wee hours of the morning at 1.40am when Chillers2 was playing in the 75 ball Soho Room. All it took for her to win was just £1.60 worth of bingo tickets.

Bingocams is all about playing bingo with your webcam on, and Chillers2’s winning moment and happiness was caught on camera for all to see and share with. The shock on her face when she realised she’d won and then called out for her husband was a sight to behold.

As things stand, Chillers2 could be in for a bit more money as well. Her winning moment could also be the clip that wins the £500 LWM (Live Win Moment) for January 2014. It doesn’t just rain money and prizes at Bingocams, it comes pouring down!

Having been a member of Bingocams for a little over two years, Chillers2 is now a steadfast fan of the website. And with good reason because as she says; Bingocams is brilliant and unlike any other site. Everything about it is special; the chat games, the reload codes, the chat hosts, the fantastic promotions and of course the webcams and the jackpots!

The lucky lass is putting her money to good use; she’s planning on moving to a new house, and before that taking the family away for a well deserved and long awaited foreign holiday. Strangely this isn’t her first time winning at Bingocams. She’d won a £1000 jackpot a while ago and never imagined ever topping it with another win.

The jackpot has been reset to £10,000 and is waiting for the next lucky member to strike it big. Read our review of Bingocams to know when that happens. Who knows, you might find yourself in the news one day!

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