Bingocams PJP Crosses £27K

BingocamsWe’ve got fantastic news for UK bingo lovers, which is sure to get them all excited. The Big Bang Progressive jackpot at Bingocams has crossed the £27K mark and will continue to increase until it is won. This progressive bingo JP can be won by bagging a Full House in 32 or fewer calls during a 90 ball game or a coverall in 42 or fewer calls during a 75 ball game.

The jackpot stands at £27,371.76 at the time of this writing and will be the biggest prize offered yet at Bingocams UK. If there are multiple winners, this enormous amount will be equally shared among them. As you can imagine, this will be a life changing windfall for whoever is lucky enough to win the whole or even a part of it.

Once the amount is won, it will be reset to the massive £10,000 jackpot they start at. Registered members at the Bingocams UK site who have deposited at least three months prior to game play will get to have a go at this phenomenal pot.

Annelore63, who is a registered member of Bingocams Netherlands won a gob smacking €73,983.65 in April this year by bingo-ing in 41 balls in the 75 ball Manhattan room. This site is known for its massive jackpots and brilliant promotions like the recently run Mission Impossible and Freaky Friday, and huge tournaments like the Golden Ticket.

They also have an £80,000 giveaway in the Free Money Mountain promo which will be running in the next few weeks. For more information on what you can claim when you sign up and start playing at this top UK bingo site, please read our Bingocams Review.

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