£60,000 in Free Bingo at Cheeky Bingo

Cheeky BingoCheeky Bingo is an amazing online bingo site that has been impressing this industry with its unique free and easy bingo games and offers since the day it launched way back in February 2009!

This was the very first site to offer real cash prizes for free bingo games, thus going where no other bingo site had gone before. Many other sites followed suit to keep up with this competition, however Cheeky Bingo still remains the biggest free bingo site on the internet.

Cheeky’s free jackpot prizes amount to a gobsmacking £60,000 every single month, and they have over 500 free bingo games to play every single day. There are eight lovely free bingo rooms at Cheeky Bingo, and some of them like the Forever Free room are open to even new players who have yet to begin funding their accounts!

There is at least one free bingo game playing or about to begin shortly at Cheeky Bingo at any given time. Free Bingo goodness can be found 24/7 at this site. Funded players can even have a go at regular games giving away bigger free jackpots like £25 and £50. And even for these, you need to have deposited at least once only.

You’ve got Cheeky injecting a little bit of her character into room names like Freedom which opens at 8am every day, Free’s a Crowd which opens at 4pm every day and Free n Easy which opens at 8pm every day.

But Free Bingo is not the only thing you can expect at Cheeky. Read our review of Cheeky Bingo to find out more about bigger games and jackpots you can play and win here.

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